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Some Definitions . . . .

Literally: "to labor together" A process in which two or more entities work together to achieve their independent and collective interests through a joint problem solving process.

The act of working together through reflective listening and genuine articulation of ideas, in a partnership of mutual respect and diversity.

A social skill involving working together with two or more persons.




Some Definitions . . . .

A consensual agreement or win-win outcome of collaborative problem-solving and conflict resolution. A consensus implies that debate has taken place, the solution is generally accepted rather than a grudging compromise, and that agreement is deep-rooted enough that it can stand for some time without need to revisit the issue.

Consensus is defined as “an opinion held by all or most”.  This means that there is a general feeling of agreement. Differences may exist, but each member of the group can support the group’s collective evaluation.

Consensus building is a process where parties dispute (with the assistance of a facilitator), identify the facts and stakeholders, settle on the issues for discussion and consider options. This allows parties to build rapport, through discussions that assists in developing better communication and relationships.

Paradigms and decision-making frameworks

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